Monday, February 5, 2007

100 Things

My list of 100 things

1. I love fall
2. I watch Days of our Lives
3. I hate making dinner
4. I love hanging up clothes on a clothes line and watching them blow in a breeze
5. I would love to learn to play the violin
6. I love singing
7. I have always dreamed of singing on Broadway
8. I love to read
9. I love camping
10. I love hunting and fishing
11. I have shot 2 deer and 2 elk
12. I love reading while taking bubble baths
13. My biggest weakness is chocolate
14. I graduated from high school, but did not attend the ceremony. My mother went, sat in the
stands and cried
15. I have modeled for hair shows
16. I am a certified Montessori teacher
17. I love Disneyland
18. I hate the sand and beach. Yuck!
19. I love changing the color of my hair
20. I love my family
21. I wish I lived closer to my family
22. I love being silly with my sisters and brother
23. I love girls night out
24. My friends are important to me.
25. I love going to the Monster Truck Championship
26. I hate math
27. My 6th grade daughters math is already over my head, sad.
28. I love being in the mountains
29. My dream is to have a cabin someday
30. If I had unlimited resources, my home would look like Pottery Barn
31. I love clocks and collect them
32. I love my suburban and feeling big and safe on the road. Plus I can haul lots of people and
things. Love that!
33. I adore red roses
34. I love working in the yard
35. Mowing a lawn gives me great satisfaction. I love seeing the paths I create.
36. I love my three little girls and little boy
37. I love my husband and think he is the most hard working and creative guy I have ever met
38. I love the feeling of Christmas
39. My little family loves to spend the day riding the quads
40. I wish I could have served a mission
41. I want to serve a mission with my husband some day
42. I have broken my left arm three times and my right arm once
43. I broke both my arms at the same time, not fun.
44. I have 15 animals on the wall in my house. I am a good wife.45. I take a dance class with my friends
46. I am not a dancer and am probably the worst in the class.
47. I love ''over" decorating my home for the holidays
48. I was able to meet Karl Malone and shake his hand a few weeks ago. Very nice guy
49. I have hair extensions
50. I have a picture of me in Eastman Journal hunting magazine with an article for shooting a
256 scored mule deer
51. I love planting lots of flowers in my yard
52. I hate going to the dentist ( sorry Kelly's husband)
53. I have always wanted to go see Mt. Rushmore
54. I love going to the movies
55. I do not like watching re-runs or seeing movies more that once
56. Computers frustrate me! One of the reasons I'm not very good at blogging
57. I would love to go to Africa someday
58. I crochet
59. I have croched blankets for my kids blessing days and several nieces and nephews
60. I love reading mystery books
61. I also love reading science fiction
62. I love Abraham Lincoln and learning about his life
63. I love buying new shoes
64. We had second row, center seats for a She Daisy concert. They were awesome!
65. I wish I was a more patient person
66. I love living in a small town
67. My husband made me a blanket while on his mission
68. I often get a little road rage while driving
69. Red is my favorite color
70. The 1st time I went snow mobiling, I did really good. Then when sitting in the parking lot
I fell off the snow mobile for no reason and accidentally pushed the gas. There took off the
bike without me. Luckily no one was watching!
71. I'm going to start selling wreaths that I make

72. I am also selling jewelry
73. I am pregnant
74. I enjoy playing softball, but wish I was in better shape
75. When I was young my nickname was "slugger" for my awsome batting skills
76. I took my hair extensions out after 4 days, they were very painful
77. My dream someday would be to have someone fix and stye my hair at least every other day
78. I am afraid of the ocean and will not go in the water past my ankles
79. But I have alway wanted to go deep sea fishing. Of course only on a big, safe boat
80. I hate scary movies
81. I love being organized
82. I have to play mahjong on the computer every night before going to bed
83. I love naps
84. I'm scared of spiders and make my children or neighbors kill them for me
85. I'm a fan of Martina McBride. I love her voice and songs
86. making sugar cookies is a tradition for every holiday. heart ones are coming next
87. I have an addiction to Diet Coke
88. I miss not having a Target in my town
89. I love Macaroni Grill and wish we also had one close by
90. I gave my sister a swirrly when we were younger
91. I can never balance the check book correctly, even when using a calculator
92. I love going for walks in the mountains
93. Playing in the rain is not just for kids
94. I do not like animals as inside pets
95. I don't mind dogs outside, but can not stand cats
96. I love jewelry and matching each outfit with the perfect piece
97. I like sitting down and looking through magazines and catalogs
98. I have just discovered online shopping and am loving it
99. I love giant snowflakes at night
100. Just Kidding- Number 73 is so NOT TRUE!

I can't belive I have accomplished this .


Okay, Disneyland will not be held hostage. You now have something to read and satisfy you all for awhile. My children are driving me crazy with the coming of this vacation! Baylee wanted me to do something for her today and I said "no". She then had the nerve to say to me,"Well then I won't go with you to Disneland!" To which I replied "ok" My husband looked over at me andwhispered "be nice" Be Nice, he is not being bugged with bribes, threats, and everything else under the sun and a part of me says wouldn't it be fun to just go by myself with out any kids, plus a whole lot cheaper! Part of this adventure is that me and Amy decided we would just take our 3 1/2 year olds and spend some one on one time with them. I have a 12 year old and a 9 year old who are making me insane. I came home from the store today to find that these two had both changed into their Mickey Mouse shirts, hats and sovenier pins from last years trip and were arm in arm going through the house with It's A Small World on their lips. For those who know my children know how very odd this is and especially for them to be touching . The plus side was that I had a clean house when I got home. I was then told all evening how much I am loved, how wonderful dinner was( a Costco pizza) and how beautiful I am. They have sure learned at an early age how to kiss some butt. The bribery is still not over for the evening. I then get handed a packet of papers, the front page says, A Proclamation To Our Mom. I will now share with you some qoutes from this seven page proclmation.
1. We are willing to risk it all to go to Disneyland. We won't fight because we love each other dearly. Andee won't talk back, and madee won't say it's not fair.

2. We won't fight or tease on the trip because we know it would bother you. So put a smile on our faces and let us go.

3. If you don't let us go we will be very sad. We will not hate you but we will be mad at you. We won't call you bad names or say that you hate us if you don't let us go. We will just be sad.

4. You were getting us all excited. you were telling Baylee about it and we were very excited. We don't care if were on the rides we just want to see the kids reaction. It will be so cute. so Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. We will still love you if you don't take us but our hearts will be full of sorrow. We will love you even more if you do take us. Please make us love you even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Thank you for reading this. We hope it has encouraged you to take us. We love you and we will love you more if you take us. Love your pleading daughters.

I have a whole month left of this. Hopefully I will get more housecleaning done from them and less fighting for the next month. That would be the Disneyland Miracle! Shane is taking a vote and thinks I will give in and load up two more girls for the trip. I think I will stay true to spending one on one time with Baylee. Amy also thinks I will end up taking Andee and Madee. I should start a betting pool. One side note, We went to Disneyland last Feb. and took the two older girls and Baylee stayed home because she was to young. I will keep you updated on the antics of my two desperate daughters!